Tuesday, 14th July, 2015

Back in the 80s, I wrote a popular column in a Welsh newspaper.   It was called “Weird Wonders of Wales”.   It passed on reports of Welsh UFO sightings, ghostly happenings and “the unexplained”.

I was contacted by all sorts of people who shared their stories with me.   Some of them I published.   And I got to know some of those contacts quite well, and those contacts’ contacts!

We got to know Tom and Kerry lived in Wiltshire:  they were contacts of contacts.   They invited us down to stay during the height of “the crop-circle season”.

The crop-circle phenomenon – strange, geometrical patterns usually found in wheat fields and suchlike – was highly publicised back then.   All sorts of explanations were put forward for their appearances, from UFO beams and landings to local Rugby teams making them overnight as a laugh.   And I felt I would have to see the circles for myself and draw my own conclusions.

There were some circles waiting for us when we got to Wiltshire and we had a look at them.   Then, one morning, a new one was suddenly there quite near to where Tom and Kerry lived.   They took us out to it and we were among the first folk to enter it.

I have to say that, more or less since we first met, Rosie and I had and have talked over and agreed on most decisions in our lives.   Our marriage has survived nearly half-a-century at the time of writing, so we must have been doing something right!

And we both enjoyed our grub!   I used to joke with Rosie that, had she not been a good cook, I wouldn’t have married her.   Of course, meat – a Sunday joint or a plate of sausages or whatever – was part of our eating and our enjoyment of food.

Anyway, we went with our friends into this newly made crop-circle.   It was quite large, and Rosie and I sort of wandered around separately for a while pondering on its making.   I admit I felt nothing mystic as I wandered – though I dowsed and found there was some sort of energy there.   (Often, the circles would appear on ley-lines which are said to be routes of “earth energies”.)

Then it was time to leave and wander off somewhere else in the lovely county of Wiltshire.   Rosie and I rejoined each other and got into the car.   It was then that we realised we’d both, independently, become vegetarians!

I do not know why or how that had happened.   We had never talked about vegetarianism.   We certainly had never “gone off” meat products.

Still I do not know what happened to us.   But we have remained vegetarians ever since.   And that has given me an insight into the cruel methods used in meat-production in some places.

Though I often remind myself that, if famine struck the land and we or our little family were going hungry, I would strangle a cow and eat it raw!

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