Thursday, 12th November, 2015.

Early this week, I heard George Butterworth’s setting of “And Is My Team Still Ploughing”.   Butterworth was so talented and died in the First World War slaughter.   That put me in a nostalgic mood as I thought about those times and the seemingly picturesque land of my birth back then.

This morning, R3 played Vaughan-Williams’ setting of “On Wenlock Edge”.   The same longing for a now non-existent has come back to me.

I don’t suppose those story-book times really existed.   Life, especially in rural areas, was incredibly harsh back then.

Sorry if this sounds like an old man moaning.   I am trapped by the past, and often enjoy strolling down memory lane, and through the twists and turns of historical things which happened even before I was born.

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