Friday, 15th January, 2016.

No, I haven’t put very much on this blog for a while.   That’s due to a few reasons.   One is that I’m finding it quicker to scribble things on my Facebook page.

Facebook seem more “immediate” – though it can become addictive!   A lot of people seem to put a lot of trivia on their FB Pages:  “I have just made myself a cuppa”, etc.   But there are many, many interesting posts and pictures on there.

This week was very wearing for Rosie & I.   We waited in on three days for The Man to call on us.   He was coming to view a dribbling radiator in our central-heating system.   It was an emergency – a fact of which our insurers were aware.   But he failed to show up.

Fortunately, I could vent my feelings on my FB Page.   And I was pleased with the support and encouragement I received from those on my “Friends List” – which I keep to a very limited “Chosen Few”.   (I sometimes call it my “Fwiends List” or “Freds List”.)

Some people have hundreds – even thousands! –  on their Lists.   I prefer to get to know the people on my List, and nobody can do that when there are hundreds.

Perhaps I should have vented my feeling about The Man here on my blog.   Perhaps you’d like to have a read of what I said about him – and all the other, often political posts I put on there.

I shall keep this blog going for better-thought-out ramblings.

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