Tuesday, 16th February, 2016

Our Mystic Experience

     Both Rosie and I are vegetarians.   The way we became so is hard to explain, but I shall just say what happened and you may make your own explanation.

Some years ago, we were visiting friends in Wiltshire.   It was during the “crop-circle season” and, as I was writing the “Weird Wonders of Wales” newspaper column back then, I felt visiting Mother England to investigate the phenomenon would be interesting.

We had had a few – a very few – such circles in Wales, and they, surprisingly, were all in heather rather than wheat, oat or barley crops.

Our friends were vegetarians as it happened, and we’d often discussed cruelty to animals.   They fed us well, too, during our stay and, as a change, we found their vegetarian fare tasty and filling.

One morning, it was reported that as new crop-circle had been discovered in an area near to where we were staying.   There were other, “maturing” circles already in the area, and we all decided to go and have a look at the new one.

We got there mid-morning and there were already sight-seers wandering around.   Our friends told us that it was pretty similar to others which had appeared, though the pattern(s) in it were totally individual:  sort of swirls.

Naturally, the four of us went into the field where the new circle was and on into the circle itself.   We sort of wandered around inside the thing, and I did a bit of “coarse dowsing” (using hands only rather than dowsing-rods) and found there was some sort of energy in there.   That energy seemed to be coming upwards from the ground.

Anyway, the four of us ended up wandering separately (and, I suppose, vaguely) with the perimeter.   Then, we seemed to drift towards the way we’d entered the circle and back across the field towards the cars.

As I left, I realised that I wanted to be a vegetarian!   I don’t know what prompted that realisation.   So, when Rosie and I returned to each other’s company, I just had to tell her what I had realised.

I just told her, straightforwardly, that I was now a vegetarian.   And she said simply:  “So am I”.

It must be noted that, as part of our successful relationship, we had always discussed everything before that time and ever since!   And that we had not been together in that circle when we became vegetarians.

And that was it.   We haven’t eaten meat or meat products since – and discovered a lot about the breeding and slaughter of animals for food . . .

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