Saturday, 18th March, 2017


          The Met Office seems to have been forecasting “fog” for our village a lot recently.   Actually, we have had no more than a heavy mist.

But the forecast started Rosie and I chatting about “The Old Days”.   We had some real fogs in Wolverhampton in, say, the 1950s.   They were the result of the town having so much heavy industry in and around it, and the pollution the factories caused made a pea-souper even soupier!

It was said that the factory-bosses welcomed such fogs so that they could add to the soup by burning stuff on site, whereas to have it removed by other means would have been costly.

Swirling yellow fogs all but hid everything.  One would have to be careful even walking along one’s own, familiar street:  you often literally couldn’t “see your hand in front of your face”.  As you passed under lamp-posts – even electric ones which replaced the old gas-lamps – their lights could hardly be seen, if at all.

Rosie asked her brother Terry, who still lives in “Ode ‘Ampton”, if such fogs happen these days.   Seemingly not.   The closure of so many production factories has reduced the pollution almost completely.

I wonder if that justifies the loss of all that industry and all those jobs.

18th March, 2017

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