Sunday, 14th May, 2017

Saundersfoot Holiday, May, 2017

      We ridded ourselves of television some years ago.   It was no great loss.   And we do sometimes watch the occasional programme online.

Whilst on holiday, we had full access to a telly.   I described the whole lot as “total trivia”.   It seemed to me that it was LCD “entertainment” promoting the sort of thing about which George Orwell warned the world.

The adverts were really embarrassing, and I felt they were/are inspired by the Great American Dream.

Then we watched the tribute to Barbara Windsor.   It was so, so good – well scripted, well acted and well produced.   What a character that lady was – and not just in the Cary On films.   I was rather moved at the sequences showing her childhood.   The young actress portrayed beautifully the sadness of a kid having to cope with parents who were very unhappy together.

Those sequences reminded me – if I needed reminding – of the importance of a stable and loving home-life in which children need to be brought up.

The bloke who played Kenneth Williams was absolutely perfect in the part, by the way.

Later in the week, we saw a ‘Hope & Glory’, a film about a family living in the London area during World War Two.   It showed a caring family group.   And it had the “feel” of those rotten times.   There were scenes of bombing raids and air-raid shelters.   That invoked my memories of going down the air-raid shelter in my Gran’dad Bayliss’s garden seemingly often every time the sirens went.

The scene down there was lit by flickering candle-light, and there was much nervous laughter.

I was but five when the War ended, so my memory must be good!

I let our daughter Liz know how much I’d/we’d enjoyed the film – and she told us that she had worked on the set when it was being made!   She chaperoned the child-actors when they weren’t actually working.   She said she was “only a chaperone”, but each one who helped was involved with making an excellent film, however small they thought their part was.

Then we saw a few programmes where we heard veterinary-surgeons, etc., giving tips on how to look after pets.   As they seemed to involve dogs in the main, we learned a fair amount.

So, if one carefully chooses one’s television viewing, it can be a good thing.   Alas, most people (George Orwell springs to mind again) do not make any such choices, and their tellies bang on and on all day whether they are watching it or not

I point out that our holiday was not in the least dominated by telly!   We were out and about each day enjoying the delightful scenery and finding out about the places we visited.

And, having returned only yesterday, we are trying to relax and lose our weariness earned from a week well spent.

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