Tuesday, 5th September, 2017

I follow on Facebook a couple of sites which are all about “old Wolverhampton”.   They post photos and memories from people who have lived there over the years.   I look at the changes on Google Earth, as well.   A lot of the buildings I knew have long since disappeared – removed by “the developers”.    It is my town no more.

The “developments” give me an all-over feeling of sweet nostalgia and a sadness that so many things have disappeared – including much of the old street where I was brought up.   I’ve visited that remodelled street a few times over the years and that, too, gives me that same nostalgia and sadness.   Perhaps – and this is where the sadness comes in – I am the last person to remember that street (and lots of other now-gone streets).   Gone, gone are those days gone by.   And their history is hardly recorded.

Perhaps a daft old beggar like me shouldn’t follow such sites.   Yet, when people ask on them for information about places that once were, I can sometimes help.   That, surely, helps to record a very tiny part of the town’s history.

I see in dear old Aberystwyth the work of “the developers” changing the town near which I’ve lived for most of my life.   As with Wolverhampton, I love that town.   And I hope that what stood where once upon a time will be recorded and youngsters will be taught about those times.

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2 Responses to Tuesday, 5th September, 2017

  1. Lyn Jones says:

    Dear Keith, Clearing out a book case at my mum’s house in Halesowen I stumbled across ‘A Slice Of Britain’. Wanting to make sure you were still ok I googled around a bit as you do and found your lovely blog. It’s lovely to see that you not only seem well but that you are still writing. I have very fond memories of presenting our little radio show ‘Midday Miscellany’ together at Radio Ceredigion back in 1993/94 and was so pleased to find the book. Keep writing. Lots of Love from Lyn Jones

    • Cornflake says:

      Only just seen your comment, Lyn. I don’t visit my blog very often. I still do a bit of writing – and read some of my scribbles on my radio-show on RBFM (a VERY local station broadcasting from Aber).

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