24th November, 2017

I have a low boredom-threshold. I do not like the idea of just doing nothing.
Over the last nearly-two weeks, Rosie has been in hospital and I’m “living on my own”.
Yes, many, many people have kept in touch with me – Family, friends, neighbours, etc. That really HAS helped ease my “being-alone” syndromes.
But, due to my own aches and pains, I can’t really DO physical things presently – things like general household chores, gardening and that bit of house-decorating I’d hoped to do. That’s just in case my chest- and shoulder-muscles start hurting again.
So I just sit around for much of the time.
Thank goodness for the people who’ve kept in touch via texts, etc. Thanks goodness for my Cuddly Companion, Libby the dog, with whom I can manage to take gentle strolls (“Don’t pull, girl!”). Thank goodness for mobile-phones with which I can speak with Rosie while she remains in Rhiannon Ward.
But always, always, there is the lurking nuisance of boredom.
Here endeth the whinging.

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