Friday, 9th March, 2018

Seeing old photos of the Wolverhampton of my youth, and mentioning to one of my FB Freds that I used to listen to AFN from Germany on Medium Wave, set my creaking old mind a-thinking.
Wonder if any of you remember Radio Luxemburg (208 metres Medium Wave) before it became just another pop-‘n’-pap station and disappeared under the weight of commercial stations starting up right here in Britain?
Back in ancient times when I was a lad, Radio Lux broadcast short, 15-minute plays/ serials and other non-pop-music stuff. Dan Dare (didn’t you ever read ‘The Eagle’ comic?!) and a very Anglicised version of Perry Mason were part of its schedule.
Later to become a stalwart of BBC pop-music, etc., Pete Murray began his career on Radio Lux. There were just three DJs/programme-presenters back then: him, Peter Maddern and Geoffrey Everitt.
We listeners tolerated the “Luxemburg fade” and listened keenly as it was a good alternative to the posh BBC.

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