Saturday, 31st March, 2018

It was over a week ago:  Tuesday, 20th March to be exact.   And what had happened didn’t hit me right away.

After a couple of days, during which I pondered a fair bit on what might have happened, it struck me.   The pain of grieving for my friend Bess’s leaving us had abated.  Yes, I still missed her terribly – she was a very special dog.   But the sharpness of that painful grief had eased noticeably.

I do not know why.   It had plagued me since her death in October, 2016.   That’s a long time to grieve over the death of an animal, I suppose.   I’d recovered rather quicker and more smoothly from the passing of all the others who’d been part of my Family – even that of my little pal Gypsy who, like Bess, had left us suddenly.

I still think of my Bess – there are many things which remind me of her:  places, the habits she had, the discipline she had taught herself.   I still love her, and remember every part of her passing.

But no longer is the sharp pain of loss there.

That having happened, I seem to be able to become closer to Libby who lives with us now.   Libz was never supposed to be a replacement for Bess in any way, of course.   Bess was and is irreplaceable.

Life brings many sorrows to each of us.  We must never be scared or ashamed of what those sorrows do to us nor how they manifest themselves.  If they are brought on by the passing of humans – Family members – I know that love does not end at the grave.   Either side of that grave.   And I wonder if, on “the other side”, the animals we still love still love us . . .


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