Thursday, 7th June, 2018

I should really use this blog more often!
I’ve had “Wolverhampton in old photographs” and “Lost Wolverhampton” on my Facebook for many moons. I see places which, in my childhood, were landmarks which showed the history of the old town. And read comments from people about past events there.
Alas, many – perhaps most – of the old buildings which are stored in my memory have gone. The whole town – er – city now! – has been physically altered by the new ring-road.
But I still cast my mind back to former times and the Wolverhampton I grew up in. That remembering often makes me quite sad for the old place – but equally often I feel uplifted when I recall the people who used to live there. Most of those people have, of course, passed on now. But I learned so much from their behaviour, and for that – therefore them – I remain grateful.
I live now in a smallish Welsh village where the camaraderie and neighbourliness feels very much the same of the working-class area of Wolves where I grew up.
The character of the “city” is very different now, I gather. What a loss that is!
We must, in this part of wild Wales, look after the character of our communities and ensure that we, as individuals, behave in a way to preserve that character.
My thanks (in retrospect) to all the good folk I knew as a kid.

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