Chapter 14

Just Thought I’d Tell You – Chapter 14 

          Miss Evans sent for me.   Her nostrils went red inside as she asked me why I’d climbed on the School wall last night.   I said I hadn’t done it, but she was the Headmistress and her mind was made up.

          “David Jones said he was with you,” she said.

          I wondered why he’d done that and still said I hadn’t been near the wall.   David Jones was sent for and she dared him to deny his story.

          “David Jones,” she intoned, “were you climbing on the School wall last night?”

          “Yes, miss.”

          “Was Keith Stevenson with you?”

          “Yes, miss.”

          “Alright, go back to your class.”

          She let him out through the door.

          “There you are,” she said, turning to me majestically.   “Why did you tell me a lie?”

          It was her lie;  we both knew it.   Well, she was a Grown-Up so I was in no position to argue.   I don’t think I ever climbed on the School wall, certainly not on that night.   It had been the night of my fight with Trevor Fearn.

          “I thought you’d give me the cane, miss.”   It was something to say, anyway.

          “Well, I am.   Not for climbing on the wall, but for telling me a lie.” 

          She gave me three on each hand without changing her expression.   I can’t remember any pain.

          Mom heard about it and was furious.   She took time off that evening from cleaning the Nursery classroom to take me up to Miss Evans’ office.

          It did no good.   This time Mom asked me if I’d climbed on the wall.

          “I didn’t do it,” I said.

          “But he said he did,” snapped Miss Evans.

          She was not prepared to argue.   David Jones’ family would say nothing.   Mom always said I’d been caned for fighting one of Winnie Evans’ favourites and I don’t doubt that she was right.

* * * * *

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