I’ll Tell You Again

I’ll Tell You Again

Introductory Warning

           As I begin this second episode of my early years, I cannot recall one single day or hour or minute of my time at Wolverhampton Grammar School which gave me any pleasure.

          There must have been times which I enjoyed.   Perhaps, as I write, I shall rediscover them.   But, sitting here thinking what to put in and what to leave out, their discovery will come as a surprise to me.

So I expect the whole history here will be stilted and jaundiced.   I shall try not to be sour in the writings for, if you have read my first burst of autobiographical enthusiasm, it was mainly either straightforward reporting (as far as memory allows) or quite cheerful.   Besides, the previous writing was done some thirty years ago, at a time when I needed to ease my mind by recalling if not happier times, certainly more settled ones.

Here, then, is the low-down on my years as a Grammar School Boy – a total square-peg and one who realised it even as it happened!

7th January, 2007.

* * * * *

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