ITYA Vague Conclusions.

I’ll Tell You Again – Vague Conclusions

            So what, in the four-and-a-bit years of being educated at Wolverhampton Grammar School, did I learn?

I learned that Louis Armstrong was a musical genius;  that there was a class-system;  that Sport and its adherents are the most boring things in the Universe;  that the Haves would adapt their system to encompass the tastes of the Have-Nots if it was to their own advantage;  that all girls are attractive;  that something must be done to change the world;  that bullying goes on whatever rules are made to curb it;  that education and book-learning are not necessarily the same thing;  that school had been the most darkly miserable time of my life.

Those pieces of knowledge have stayed with me always.   I have been able to use some of them, but I have not done much to change the world.

I did not know, though, as I walked away from The School and along the Compton Road on that day of relief, that I was to enter a phase of my life with which I would be nearly as miserable.   Such is the nature of things.   If we could see our future as if in hindsight, and so make properly informed choices, we would be happy indeed.   But we blunder on . . .

Conclusion concluded

Friday, 8th May, 2009.

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