Third Time Of Telling.

Third Time of Telling – Preamble

          Well, I’d left school with no certificates, no qualifications, and only one ambition:  to play jazz-trumpet.   For many years of my life, I would drift from job to job, enjoying none of them – until . . .

But that is another story.

Unbeknown to me, my schooldays which I had hated had given me an excellent basis for self-education – they had made me read books of all kinds, and ask the most dangerous question in the world:  “Why?”.

I did not ask that question of anyone in particular, but I seemed to be querying all sorts of values and ways of life.   Perhaps it was borne of being an only child.   Perhaps I’m just funny in the head.

Either way, I never learned to just get my head down and look forward to pay-day.

The following account of my early work-life and what I did out of work hours will, I hope, show my descendants something of how things were and how I coped with them.

Preamble completed

Sun., 9th May, 2009.

* * * * *

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