Told To Grow Up

Told To Grow Up


     This is where I pinpoint the moment when I really grew up.   I did not realise it had happened at the time.

This two-part volume deals with my escape from office-work for a while and the pleasures that escape brought.   I cannot go into too much detail of the time about which I write because I signed The Official Secrets Act (yes, really!) and I don’t want to labelled a traitor for revealing . . .  well, I don’t think I ever came across anything which was a particular British military secret.   But “one never knows, do one?”

So I shall try to stick to the people I encountered and the daft things I did over those next couple of years.   I doubt very much if details of any of my daftness back then would be of any value to whatever enemy my readers may have at the time of reading this account.   Nor would it have been to the Russians or Chinese or Brummies at any time.

And, if a few of these recollections seem to come out of some sort of alcohol induced haze, so be it!   This was me being what was defined in those days as “A Man”.

As my military career (!) was in two parts – Home and Abroad – I have shown them separately in this, the fourth part of my autobiography.

(And I feel the need to tell you that the quote at the end of the second paragraph of this preamble came from Thomas “Fats” Waller, a very well-known jazz musician and singer, of whom you should learn more!)

* * * * *

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