TTGU, Episode 2, Chapter 17.

TTGU, Ep. 2, Ch. 17 – An Odd Experience

     A few days after settling into my new billet and getting to know my surroundings, I was taken to see Kuala Lumpur by Geordie and Pinky.   Everyone travelled the few miles to the city by taxi – cabs were cheap in those days and it was the British Tommies who kept them in business.   We kept all Malayan businesses in funds back then.   Without us, they could not have made a living.

I sat behind the driver, quietly admiring the open countryside which was so very different to the lanes of Codsall and Pattingham back home.   Palms grew everywhere.   There were a couple of rubber-plantations and, beyond, lay the fringes of the jungle.

We entered the city.   The streets of KL really did look different from anywhere – anywhere I’d ever been or anywhere I’d ever imagined.   They simply thronged with people, too.

My companions had told the driver to take us to Batu Road.   We went along a long street and then he slowed down.   I knew he was about to turn right (not that Malayan drivers ever indicated their intentions).

And, just before he turned into that next street, I had a clear image come to my mind of exactly what I would see in that street.   I knew perfectly well what each building would look like, what each shop-front would look like, what the whole scene would look like.

I knew all those things as surely as if I’d been born and bred in that street.

And the images I had in my mind were absolutely exact.   What had come into my mind had been a complete picture of the reality of Batu Road, Kuala Lumpur– and I had never been anywhere near that street before.

I record this incident of déjà vu simply for the record.   I have had no such incident before or since.   You may make of it what you will.

* * * * *


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