Various “Autobiographical” Poems

These are simply odd verses that I’ve written over the years which have references to my past (and, I think, to my real character).

NB:  not got round to publishing them yet – new PC seems not to want me to copy and paste like the old one did!

Oh – I think I may have cracked it!   Your comments on the poems I put on this page, please – either on this, my blog, or via Facebook Inbox messaging.

What I think you have to do is click on the link in blue, then click on Open in the window at the bottom of your screen.  (Fingers cross, knotted and generally messed about with!)

ALL OF MY POEMS I CAN FIND (via Rosie, etc.)

The one I show here is the one on which I practiced.   This new PC is not the easiest thing to use for a techno-dunce like me.

“The young men?

I haven’t seen them,” she said,

“Not since they went

Away to the wars.”


They had stood, the young men;

Stood in the last rays

Of the setting sun;

Proud against the darkening sky.

Their hair always seemed

A mass of golden curls.


They all looked alike under

The harsh helmets

And blazoned banners.


“Most came back, of course,”

She hastened on,

“Each hardened and suddenly


She stopped, remembering.

“Grown older.

And their eyes –

Oh, their eyes!”

12th Jan., 1968.

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