Where Are They Now?

Where Are They Now?

Where are they now

Those lads I knew

Laughing and swearing,

Shouting and sleeping?

Those lads who,

Without realising,

Had become my mates;

Who supported me,

Argued with me,

Drank with me.

We were each others’ shadows.

Where are they now?


Where are they now,

Those kids I knew

Playing and punching,

Hating and loving?

Those kids who,

Learning as they grew,

Were my enemies

Or pretend friends,

Taking what I gave freely

While giving me hard times.

We grew to adulthood together.

Where are they now?


Where are they now,

Those grown-ups I knew

Telling me off

To make me a better person

Or themselves greater

Than they really were?

They are the ones

Who know it all now,

Who have passed on

To another reality

Or none.

Where are they now?

First draft Wednesday, 29 February 2012.

the verses seem to be out of sequence,

but that’s how I have been pondering

on my past life as I try to write

more of my autobiography.

The day after I drafted this, my daughter Liz

told me it was fine as it stands.

Therefore, here it is . . . completed!


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