My Writings.

I’m still trying to get this page properly organised.   It will be revised and revised again until I’m happy with it.

The pieces you read here have been published in proper journals – newspapers, magazines, etcetera – or things which I have shown only to my Family until now.

Some of them have gone into my personal Journal.

There are two categories (well, until I do another reorganisation!):  “Serious Writings” and “Silly Writings” and those titles are self-explanatory.

If, dear reader, you find some of the “Serious Writings” too solemn, then click immediately on “Silly Writings” to get your chuckle muscles working!

Your comments on these writings – and anything else I put on this blog – are welcomed.

Please will you note that many of the writings appearing on this page and elsewhere on this blog are copyright.  Should you wish to publish them elsewhere, you may be breaking copyright laws.   So, if you want others to read them, just pass on the address of this blog – simple, eh?

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