Just Thought I’d Tell You (Introduction)

Just Thought I’d Tell You

by Keith Stevenson

The vague memories of a lad growing up

in mid-twentieth century


A Bit Of Explainin

     In putting things down on paper, I’ve tried to put events into some kind of time-sequence.   But memory is peculiar and I haven’t always succeeded.

Also, all that I’ve recorded has been done from my own viewpoint.

Having stated those two things, I ask you to accept these writings.   If you knew me, or any of the people or happenings herein during the period of which I write, and you say to yourself “Oh, so-an-so was never like that!”, well, to me, it was.

* * * * *

Note:  ‘Just Thought I’d Tell You’ was written in the 1970s, originally for my wife and daughter.

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